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8U Girls Softball

Girls Fast-pitch Softball ages 6-8



8U (Coach Pitch) - 6, 7 & 8 year old girls learn basic fundamentals of softball, object of the game, sportsmanship, and teamwork in this coach pitch arena of play. Players use 11" safety ball. Practice begins Saturdays in April and games begin second week in May, teams play 10 game regular season schedule followed by a double elimination End of Season Tournament.

CYBSA softball teams play games in SE Denver league with teams comprised from SE Denver, Englewood, CYBSA, Parker, and Castle Rock. SE Denver softball schedules all softball games and the End of Season double elimination tournament.

8U Supplemental Rules




  1. All players at the game bat in their correct order. If a player arrives late, then that player is added at the end of the batting order. If a player has to leave the game, due to injury, then that location in the batting order is skipped and no scorekeeping action, including an out, is recorded. If the player leaves for any other non-related reason, such as another athletic event, then the player’s location in the batting order will be recorded as an out, except as noted in number 2 below.


  1. Unless approved by the League Director, each team shall use ten players in the field; with the tenth player located anywhere behind the baseline. The usual position(s) is either as an extra outfielder or an extra infielder. No player, including the tenth player may play “on any base”. All players will play a minimum of two innings in the field. Coaches are strongly encouraged to place players at different defensive positions throughout the game. The umpire will have the discretion to determine if the tenth player and all outfielders are in the correct positions before the ball is hit.

The fielding team may have 2 coaches in the outfield to provide verbal instructions to players. At no time may the fielding team's coaches be in the infield during play. At no time may the fielding team's coaches touch the ball while in play.


The minimum number of players is eight with NO out being recorded for the 9th batter, each time that turn at bat arises. If during the course of the game, a team is down to 7 players, due to injury, etc., the game will continue; the required 8th batter position (vacated by the missing player) will be declared an out. OPTIONAL: If there are less than 7 players and if there is no other game waiting to be played and if both coaches agree, the game may continue until time has expired; however, the official score is recorded as a forfeit. An injured player may re-enter the game, once she is able to continue.


  1. Regulation games will be a maximum of six innings, except for extra innings. In the event of adverse weather conditions, an official game will be 4 innings (3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead). The eight run rule is in affect once the game becomes an official game. Games, which have not advanced to the point of being an official game, and are halted due to weather are considered suspended games and will be completed at the designated makeup time and will commence from the point the game was suspended. Make up games due to weather will be made up on the next available day up to and including the following Saturday. Make up games will be rescheduled by the scheduler at any available location within the league. Designated home and visitors shall remain as originally scheduled regardless of the location of the rescheduled venue.


  1. Base distances: 60 feet; pitching distance: 35 feet. The defensive player in the pitching position must be within ten feet of the coach pitcher and to the side or behind the coach pitcher, but not in front of the coach pitcher. Generally, the coach pitcher is an adult.


  1. Any player, who catches, including warming up a pitcher, must wear a mask. On deck batters, who warm up in the field of play, shall be “behind” the player at bat. When a right handed batter is up to bat, the on deck batter shall be in the on deck batter’s area on the third base side and when a left handed batter is up to bat, the on deck batter shall be in the on deck batter’s area on the first base side.


  1. All players must wear an official league approved jersey to participate in the game, unless authorized otherwise by the League Director.


  1. Each batter will get 5 pitches to put the ball into play. There are no three strike pitch strike-outs. If the fifth pitch is missed or not put into play, the batter is out. If the fifth pitch is fouled off, the batter will continue to receive pitches until she puts it into play, misses it or lets it pass by. There is no bunting. There is no hit by pitch in this division.


The adult coach pitcher should make every effort to simulate a “flat fastpitch”, by pitching underhand to the batter. The coach should not “lob” the pitch to the batter. Balls and non-swinging strikes (pitches in the strike zone but not swung at) will not be called. The visiting team shall provide a volunteer parent to “count” the pitches.


If she does not put the ball in play, an out is recorded and she returns to the dugout and then the next batter comes to bat to face the coach pitcher (unless the out is the final out of the inning). A batter may not be awarded first base as a result of receiving four balls (walk) or being hit by a pitch from the adult coach pitcher.”


Pitcher must keep one foot on the pitching rubber when delivering the ball to the batter. In case the pitcher is struck by a hit ball or thrown ball, the ball will remain in play. The designated pitcher must make every effort to stay out of the way of the play of the ball, but should be ready to receive the ball back once play has effectively stopped. If the coach pitcher is hit by a batted ball, the ball is live and play continues.
A player will play the position of the fielding pitcher and must be within the pitcher's circle. She may be on either side of the coach-pitcher. The umpire will have the discretion to determine if the fielding pitcher is in the correct position.
The coach-pitcher is allowed to talk to or coach the batter before the ball is pitched, but is not allowed to coach a base runner or the batter as a runner once there is a hit. The umpire shall give a warning to the coach-pitcher and upon the second violation at the umpire's discretion the runner may be called out.


  1. The league has a contractual agreement with an umpire service to provide one umpire per game. The umpire will be provided in the field to call outs and move the game along.


  1. Only the head coach or an assistant coach appointed by the head coach will be permitted to "discuss" situations with the umpire(s). The HEAD COACH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SPORTSMANSHIP CONDUCT OF HIS/HER PLAYERS, ASSISTANT COACH(ES), PARENTS, FANS AND SELF. All adults need to be reminded from time to time that they are present to teach and provide good examples to the players; and to properly conduct themselves.


  1. It is extremely important for the umpire to control the play and avoid unfair advancement of base runners.   Therefore, the umpire shall apply the following "Ground Rules". At the end of the play, once the ball is in the infield (with or without ball control) the umpire shall raise his/her hands and call TIME. At that point, in the judgment of the umpire, any runner(s) on base may ONLY advance to the next base, which they would have reached if play had continued, provided the base is not already occupied. The infield is defined as 15 feet on the outfield side of second base. There will be no penalty for an overthrow made by any fielder to any base. Base runners will only be allowed to advance to the base that they are advancing to at the time of the overthrow.


To avoid unfair advancement of the base runner, the league has implemented a "dead ball" rule. Umpires shall have the discretion to call time once the ball is in the infield (ball control or no control). At that point the umpire shall determine whether the base runner should advance to the next base.



  1. There will be no penalty for an overthrow made by any fielder to any base. Base runners will only be allowed to advance to the base that they are advancing to at the time of the overthrow; if they are at the base and not advancing they may not advance. The runners will advance or be sent back at the umpire's discretion and judgment. In other words, if there is an overthrow to first base, the batter may not advance to second.


The infield fly rule will not be in affect. Bunting is not allowed.


  1. Calls on the bases by umpires are judgment calls and cannot be appealed.


  1. No more than SIX (6) runs may be scored in any 1/2 inning per team at bat. When the game time has expired and the visitors are ahead by more than six (6) runs, the game is over. OPTIONAL: If there is no other game waiting to be played and if both coaches agree, the home team may complete their at bats; however, the official score is what it is when the time has expired as indicated above.


  1. Except for the need for extra innings, no new inning shall start after one hour and thirty minutes of play has elapsed from the beginning of the game. The coaches should hustle their players in and out of the dugout between innings to move the game along. The home team shall keep the official time in their scorebook.


Game time begins at the conclusion of the coaches/umpire conference prior to each game. The umpire shall indicate the time to each coach.


  1. Each team shall maintain scorebooks, provided by the league. Player’s first and last names are required.


  1. Each league team (Centennial, Parker, & SE Denver & others) shall coordinate with their League Representative regarding the collecting of bases and the pitching rubber upon completion of the game. For games at SE Denver fields the SE Denver team shall be responsible for collecting the bases and pitching rubber and properly placing them in the "SEDBL" storage box upon completion of the game.


  1. The head coach of the winning team shall notify the League Director with the game results within 24 hours of the completion of the game. Failure to report the score in a timely manner could result in the winning team forfeiting their win.


  1. A double elimination end of the season tournament will be held following the end of the regular season, with all regular season teams qualifying to participate. Tournament seeding will be based on how each team finishes during the regular season. Individual awards will be given to players from the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams following the completion of the championship game.


  1. With the exception of those rules indicated above, the current Babe Ruth Softball rules will be followed.


  1. Offensive players shall make every reasonable effort to avoid contact with the defensive players at 2nd and 3rd base and home plate if a play may potentially be made at the respective base. Defensive players may not block the plate if there is not going to be a play. This is a judgment call by the umpires. Clarification shall be made between the umpire and the coaches at the coaches’ conference prior to each game. Coaches are strongly encouraged to teach the players on the proper techniques for sliding.


  1. Player Fill-in Policy. See the separate document indicating use of fill-in players.
  2. Games requiring to be made up or continued due to inclement weather shall be rescheduled by the league representatives and league administrator, based on available game fields the week following the postponement. Coaches will not reschedule games between themselves without the approval of the league officials. Once the game is ‘postponed’ coaches may ‘suggest’ potential make up dates to the league administrator; however, no guarantees will be made. Coaches shall make every attempt to have a sufficient number of players, including use of players per the ‘fill-in’ policy, for the rescheduled game.


NEW for 2016


  • Courtesy runner. In the event of an injured player while on offense, who needs to come out of the game, the offensive team may use a ‘courtesy runner’. The courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out in the offensive team’s lineup. If a courtesy runner is used, the injured player for whom the courtesy runner was inserted may NOT re-enter the game. When the injured player’s spot in the lineup comes up to bat, the batting position is skipped; there is no penalty to the offensive team for skipping the injured player.



A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher; the courtesy runner shall be the player who made the last out in the offensive team’s lineup. The courtesy runner cannot be used for the catcher more than once per inning.