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2011 allstars

Baseball players ages 9-15 are selected to represent CYBSA on the "Babe Ruth or Cal Ripken Tournament Trail" beginning with the Colorado State Tournament and through winning can advance to the "Regional" Tournament and the Babe Ruth "WORLD SERIES".

9 & 10 y/o All-Star tryouts Sunday June 3 at Village Greens Park 12-2pm, check-in begins at 11am

11 & 12 y/o All-Star tryouts Sunday June 3 at Village Greens Park 3-5pm, check-in begins at 2pm

13-15 All-Star tryouts Sunday June 3 Village Greens Park 3-5pm, Check-in begins at 2pm

2017 Tournament Schedule

9s July 13-15 @Boulder
10s July 6-9 @ Lamar
11s July 13-15 @Lamar
12s July 6-9 @ Southeast Denver
13-15s July 13-15 @Salida
9s July 26-31 @Gering, Nebraska
10s July 20-23 @Denver, Colorado
11s July 26-31 @ Bismarck, North Dakota
12s July 19-22 @Bemidji, Minnesota
13-15s July 26-30 @Junction City, Kansas
World Series:
10s August 5-12 @Hammond, Indiana
12s August 3-10 @Branson, Missouri
13-15s August 10-17 @Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Softball All-Stars

VP / Director All-Stars Softball

Rob Stormes

Softball players are selected to All-Stars by CYBSA coaches in each age division

If tryouts become necessary for softball All-Stars, notification will be given to players/age group requiring tryouts to determine final roster(s)

Colorado State  Tournament   June 23, 24 & 25 Elizabeth, CO  Host league Pioneer

Softball Regional Tournament  July 4-10 locations TBA

Centennial Baseball All-Star Program

The goal of the Centennial Baseball All-Star program is to field the strongest teams possible to represent our league at the district and state championship tournament and possibly further down the tournament trail all the way to regionals and beyond.

All-Stars is the highest level of competition and being selected to be on an All-Star team is a privilege and an honor.

The All-Star journey begins at tryouts.  Anyone can try out for All-Stars. If you have what it takes to be an All-Star and can commit to all of the additional practices,  tournament dates and locations on the All-Stars tournament trail, be sure to attend the tryouts. (Commitment requirement applies to both players as well as coaches)

All players who show up to tryouts will be put through the same skills identification drills and will be evaluated by the coaches selected for that age group along with the VP from that age group.  Teams will be formed only from players who attended tryouts and were properly assessed.

Attendance at tryouts is MANDATORY.  Selected coaches and the VP of that age group will build the team based on tryout day assessment scores.  Their roster will be submitted to the VP of All-Stars and the league manager for final approval.

Once approval is given, the selected coaches will immediately contact the players and parents they have selected to fill the roster spots on that All-Star team.

All-Star teams will practice in a manner that does not interfere with the players' ability to participate with his/her regular season team games and practices.  All-Stars does not take precedence over regular season activities.

All-Star teams will begin practicing together as soon as possible after the rosters have been approved.


What is All-Stars?

All-Stars is an opportunity for Centennial Baseball to showcase our most talented players on a select "All-Star" team at this year's District or State Championship Tournament.

Winning teams at the District Tournament move on to the State Championship.  Winners at State then play in Regional Championships and potentially on to the Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth World Series!


How does my son/daughter get on an All-Star team?

The first step to making an All-Star team is tryout day!

Players who tryout will be given an assessment score based on their performance at tryouts.

Teams will be built from those assessment scores and players and parents will be contacted, letting them know they made the team.


When/Where are tryouts?

Sunday June 4th. Village Greens Park

9 and 10-year old’s (Minors)----Check-in begins at 11, tryouts start promptly at 12:00!

11 and 12-year old’s (Majors)----Check-in begins at 3:00, tryouts start at 4:00!

13 thru 15-year old’s (Babe Ruth)----Check-in begins at 3:00 tryouts start at 4:00!

Majors and Babe Ruth players will tryout together beginning at 4:00.


What happens at tryouts? What are coaches looking for?

All players will go through the same skill identification drills which may include the following: tracking and catching pop flies, infield abilities, arm strength and accuracy, batting and bunting, base running and speed.

Those who wish to try out for pitcher or catcher positions will be given the opportunity to do so at the end of the group assessment.

Attitude, heart and hustle are always accounted for, on and off the field.


How do the tournaments work?

Each Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth League around the world will build an All-Star team for each age group to represent them throughout the tournament trail.

It begins at the District Tournament.  The winner there moves on the State Championship.  The winners of each state championship will meet at the Regional Championship.

Winners of Regional Championship head to the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth World Championship! (except 9 & 11 y/o baseball tournaments, Regional is final tournament for these age groups)

Quite a journey!


What are the playing rules?

Playing rules are different from those used during the regular season.

There are no free substitutions. A continuous batting order is NOT used, not everyone will necessarily play in all the games and there is no minimum playing time requirement.

Although they will attempt to play everyone, the coach’s approach is more focused on winning games. Because your player was a starter on his/her regular season team does not guarantee he/she has a starting position on the All-Star team. It also does not guarantee that the player will play the same position he/she did during the regular season. The League grants the coaches full authority over determining playing time.


Does the league pay for this? What's it cost?

Centennial baseball will collect a refundable $100.00 commitment fee and $50.00 for the All-Star uniform. (jersey, hat, socks and belt - pants are the responsible of player)

The commitment fee will be refunded upon completion of the All-Stars Tournament Season. If for any reason your player does not fulfill their team responsibilities in all games throughout the entire tournament trail this fee will be not be returned. Playing tournament level ball is a large commitment for players and families. Following the tournament trail to regionals and beyond can be expensive and time consuming.

Gate fee: All-Star tournaments charge a gate fee to all non-players and coaches, players family is responsible for tournament gate fees.

Centennial baseball does not provide transportation or housing during tournament play. Tournaments played beyond state level may require out-of-state travel and can get expensive (travel, accommodations, meals, etc.).


Where are the tournaments?

District and State tournament locations vary year to year.

In years past we've seen tournaments in Denver, Centennial, Yuma, Lamar, Sterling and so on.

Regional Tournaments may require out of state travel.


When are the All-Star tournaments?

The first All-Star tournament is the district tournament which begins after July 4, usually the first and second place teams at the district tournament will advance on to the state championship tournament. The winner of the Colorado state championship advances to the regional tournament. There is no advancement beyond on the regional tournament for 9 and 11 -year-old All-Star teams. The winner of the Midwest Plains regional tournament will advance to the World Series which takes place in early August.


Who selects the teams?

The coaches of that team and the VP of that age group will build the team based on tryout day assessment scores.

Their roster will be submitted to the VP of All-Stars and the League Manager for final approval.


Who picks the coaches of the All-Star teams?

The coaches of each team are picked by the VP of All-Stars and the League Manager. Interested coaches should talk to any board member for more information.


How many All-Star teams will Centennial Baseball field?

Usually 1 team in each age group.

Every year we hope to send a 9, 10, 11, 12 and a 13-15-year-old team to represent our league along the tournament trail.


How many players are on an All-Star Team?

A minimum of 12, maximum 15.


How many coaches per team?

Only 3 coaches will be allowed in the dugout or on the field at any time.  Each team will have a manager, head coach and an assistant coach.  Softball is allowed 4 coaches.


Are tryouts mandatory?

Yes. Tryouts are MANDATORY.

Anyone wishing to make an All-Star team is required to be at tryouts!

There are no exceptions to this rule.

All potential players must assess on tryout day.


Can anyone tryout?

Absolutely! If you think you have what it takes to be an All-Star and can commit to all of the additional practices,  tournament dates and locations on the All-Stars tournament trail, be sure to attend the tryouts. (Commitment requirement applies to both players as well as coaches)


If you have additional questions about All-Stars, please contact:


Softball: Rob Stormes 720-288-7725